We are <ADA>

But who are we?

Your study association!(?)

Study association <ADA> is for students who study at the Acadamy Creative Technology (ACT) at Saxion in Deventer.
This includes the following studies:

HBO-ICT (Dutch taught) // Software Engineering
HBO-ICT (Dutch taught) // Business IT
HBO-ICT (Dutch taught) // Infrastructure
HBO-ICT (English taught)
Software Development (Associate Degree)

Formerly known as...

In 2023, we decided to move on from the name Pro-ACT, and rebrand ourselves as

ADA? Who is that?

Our study association is named ADA, and it has a double meaning.
It’s an acronym: ACT Deventer Association, but we are also named after Lady Ada Lovelace.

Alive in the first half of the 1800s, Ada Lovelace was a mathematician who helped work on the concept of a mechanical all-purpose computer. 
She was the first to recognize it could be used for more than simple calculations.
This concept ended up becoming whatever device you’re reading this on!




We want to give the students a fun time while studying by organising parties, excursions, workshops and lectures.
The study association has a general goal of:

  • Organising both professional and party activities that add to the regular classes of the students of ACT Deventer.
  • The improvement of contact between students and the study and students between each other.
  • To bring students in contact with potential employers in the IT-sector.

The study association wants to inspire the students of Academy Creative Technology Deventer and show the students what the workfield of the academy is by taking the students to companies and organisations.

Furthermore, the study association wants to be a relaxing addition to its students during their time of study.
Students will be stimulated to see each other as future professionals, and get to know each other in that light so they can build a new network.




On the 25th of May, 2011, Pro-ACT was officially founded.

Starting March 2011, the board was working hard to get it started, and see if there was any interest in it.
They started organizing events and activities for the students of ACT in Deventer.
The students reacted very well, and were enthusiastic!
Ever since, we have had enthusiastic students working hard on making and keeping this association an amazing addition to the HBO-ICT course.

In March 2023, the new board of Pro-ACT decided it was time for a change.
Due to some stuff happening during the years prior, Pro-ACT got kind of a negative name.
The new board started working on a new name and to fully rebrand the association.
After being on the down-low, the board on integrating the international students as well and breathed new life into the association.
After approval from the General Assembly in June 2023, the study association Pro-ACT would henceforth be known as ADA!

Address: Handelskade 75, 7417 DH Deventer // KvK: 52849120