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Cool workshops!

We regularly organize workshops that are both fun and informative!

We balance between organizing a fun workshop ourselves, and having partnered companies organize something cool for us.

This way we can offer a diverse amount of workshops, and we can guarantee there’s something you’ll like!

Fun parties!

Who doesn’t like a good party?

Whether you like to enjoy socializing with other students, or just like to crack open a cold one with the boys, our parties have something for everyone!


Every Thursday afternoon at 16:00, we organize a DoMiBo (Donderdag Middag Borrel)

This is a casual get-together at the D3 OTSWO where you can enjoy a drink, play some Wii games with your friends, and socialize!

The perfect way to meet other students from your study, and finally get back at your least favorite teacher by beating them in Mario Kart.

I'm convinced!